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Coroth is a world that is going through a “re-building” phase.

Thousands of years ago, major magicks and psychic powers ruled the lands. Stories of floating islands, cities in the clouds and dragon riders still exist.

During this time, a great upheaval caused by mortals fighting one another and the forces of nature (and deities) threw magic into a turmoil. The font of magic was shielded. Magic weapons and such became restricted by only able to “touch” the power only a few times a day. Rare is the magic item that is “always on”. This shielding has also discouraged all but the most dedicated to study magic.

There is no “restriction” on reaching the power for mortals, just in instilling it into items. There are some areas of the world where magic is forbidden, where horrible magic tore the world asunder and the folk of the area keep themselves “clean” of magic’s taint. <this> No one goes mad, or anything…just a general distrust, or awareness of magic and it’s power.

Psionic power was similar. A secret society was prevalent during this time of upheaval that fought against the psychic people. Mind-flayers walked in the open, attempting to enslave people/towns. Weapons were captured and then secretly “cursed” to fight against psychic people. Some weapons to this day have these anti-psionic powers still inside, unused through the ages. This means that a dagger you use may actually be a powerful anti-psionic weapon.

There is now a resurgence of adventurers in the world, discovering artifacts, weapons and knowledge that was once lost. Councils of Wizards, Clerics, Sages now try to learn from the mistakes of the past, enforcing rules of conduct that disallow abusive powers. Some of these hidden relics have minds of their own, taking over innocent wielders to recreate that era of time before.

Home Page

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